Law enforcement in the County is provided by the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff provides preventive patrol though community policing, responds to calls for service, arrests suspected offenders, promotes traffic safety, combats drug related activities and conducts criminal investigations. The Sheriff is also responsible for courthouse security during trials and the processing of civil court papers. 

In addition, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for the Emergency 911 Operations in the County. The Dispatcher's Office is the 911 answering point for all departments and citizens of the County where all 911 and non-emergency calls are received, processed and dispatched appropriately. 

Radio dispatch for Animal Control is also handled by the Sheriff's Office during non-working hours. 


The mission of the office is to protect and serve the citizens and property of Surry County.


The Sheriff's Office applies for and receives grants each year to include the Highway Safety Mini Grant and Local Law Enforcement Block Grant. 

Elected Officer

The Sheriff is a constitutional officer elected to a term of four years.

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