Commonwealth's Attorney


The Commonwealth's Attorney is a Constitutional Officer elected to a four-year term. While the Virginia Constitution lays out dozens of duties, the main role of the Commonwealth's Attorney is to prosecute felony cases, which include murder, rape, robbery and other serious crimes. In Surry County, in addition to all felony cases, the Commonwealth's Attorney also prosecutes all misdemeanor cases and violations of local ordinances. 

The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney also contracts with the State Department of Taxation to collect unpaid fines and court costs from citizens convicted of felonies, misdemeanors and traffic offenses in the Surry County Court System.


It is the mission of the Commonwealth's Attorney's office to enhance public safety and welfare and to create a sense of security in the County through vigorous enforcement of criminal laws in a just, honest, compassionate, efficient and ethical manner. 

The Commonwealth's Attorney and his staff works with every component of the criminal justice system and the community to protect the innocent; to convict, rehabilitate and appropriately punish the guilty; and to protect the rights of victims and witnesses with a strong focus on taking a pro-active stance to accomplishing theses goals.